Board of Directors & Staff


Peter Campos (ACT)


  • Lead and represent the AusDBF Board
  • Facilitate constructive communication within Board and with Members and Staff
  • Ensure effective implementation of AusDBF’s direction and strategy


Ian Gearey (NSW) (appointed Director)

Finance and Diversity & Inclusion Director

  • Direct financial strategy
  • Develop and implement budget
  • Develop D&I space
  • Supervise bookkeeper

Janine Lette (QLD)

Events Director

  • Oversee annual AusChamps event and review committee
  • Oversee Competition and Technical committee
  • Develop events calendar
  • Explore opportunities in Oceania region

Maggie Boyce (QLD)

Development & Education Director

  • Develop and monitor the AusDBF National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (ANCAS)
  • Oversee the AusDBF National Sweep Accreditation Scheme (ANSAS)
  • Oversee the AusDBF National Race Official Accreditation Scheme (ANROS)

Barb Clarkson (WA)

Communications Director

  • Oversee internal and external communication of AusDBF
  • Regularly review AusDBF policies and charters
  • Work closely with the Marketing Director and Digital Media Director

Sylvia Wong (NSW)

High-Performance Director

  • Oversee the Auroras team including paddlers, coaches and team managers
  • Provide oversight and input into the Auroras budget

Lachlan Marginson (NSW) (appointed Director) 

Marketing Director

  • Develop and implement national marketing plan
  • Oversee the Marketing Working Group
  • Work closely with the Communications Director and Digital Media Director



Zijing Chu (QLD)

Digital Media & Youth Director

  • Provide digital media platform support to internal and external marketing and communication
  • Explore creative opportunities in connecting the dragon boat community 
  • Design and build up resilience in the foundation of all digital platforms

  • Work closely with the Communications Director and Marketing Director


Melanie Cantwell (NSW)

Business Services (AusDBF employee) 



National Integrity Manager

Kylie Archer (NSW)

Schools + Administration Coordinator 


To contact the Board of Directors, please email