National Team Management

Auroras Management Team 2024-25 Campaign

- 17th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships in Brandenburg, Germany



Head Coach 

Tanya White (NSW)

Head Team Manager 

Lynette Satherley (NSW)


Junior Division Coach (16U & 18U)

Mary Weaver (NSW)

Junior Division Coach (16U & 18U)

Jason Han (NSW)

Junior Division Team Manager

Tony Harrison (NSW) 

Junior Division Team Manager

Liz Dinh (NSW)

24U Division Coach

David Kwong (NSW)

24U Division Team Manager

Caren Hugginson (ACT)

Premier Division Coach 

Cat Anderson (NSW)

Premier Division Team Manager 

Tamsyn Brown (NSW)

Senior A Division Coach 

Martin Pavelka (QLD)

Senior A Division Team Manager

Diane Dugar (NSW)

Senior B Division Coach

Cath Croatto (ACT)

Senior B Division Team Manager

Stephanie Dooley (NSW)

Senior C Division Coach

Kathryn Sanford (VIC)

Senior C Division Team Manager

Corina Wotherspoon (NSW)

Paradragons Coach 

Lindy Chester (NSW)

Paradragons Team Manager 

Rosie O'Donnell (NSW)


Queries can be directed to the High Performance Director