Dragon Pass (Come & Try)

Dragon Pass is the new branding for the trial period, often known as Come & Try, that is available to individuals who wish to try dragon boating before deciding whether or not they should become a member of a club and participate in the sport on an ongoing basis. Dragon Pass has been created to provide a cohesive national branding for ‘Come & Try’ across all Clubs.

Please note while Dragon Pass is a national scheme there may be variations in the program and offerings between each state.

Dragon Pass Features

  • Paddling for 4 consecutive weeks (28 days)
  • Completely free of charge
  • Dragon Pass can be used across multiple clubs during the period

Dragon Pass Benefits

  • Provides individuals with a set period to try the sport before joining a club
  • Dragon Pass users can experience different clubs who offer Dragon Pass during the trial period to find the right fit for them.

Eligibility and Exclusions

  • Any person who is not a financial or registered member of a dragon boat club and relevant state body can register for Dragon Pass once during the current season (July – June).
  • Refer to Club or State Association for further eligibility or exclusions
  • If a person was a member in the previous season they are not eligible to use Dragon Pass for the current year. If a person was a former member but not a member in the previous season they are allowed to sign up for Dragon Pass for example, they were last a member in the 2018/19 season but trialling in 2022/23 they are eligible to use Dragon Pass. Please contact DBNSW if you are not sure of a person’s membership history.

Registering for Dragon Pass

Any person wishing to take up Dragon Pass will register through a club’s RevSPORT registration portal. 

Individuals will be required to select the Dragon Pass ($0.00) option and enter some of their basic personal information and contact details. Once entered the person will then agree to the Terms of Registration which act both as the waiver form for their trial period and the member declaration were they to become a full member in the future.

Using Dragon Pass

Once registered for Dragon Pass the individual has 28 consecutive days in which they are allowed to paddle with an affiliated club. This cannot be used for any 28 days across a season, it must be used consecutively and begins once registration is confirmed.

Once the 28-day period is expired the person is no longer permitted to paddle unless they register and pay dues of a full-time individual member with a club. There is no option for extension of the trial period.

Multiple Clubs and Interstate

A Dragon Pass user may use their trial period across different clubs if they wish. In the beginning they will have to register with a single club as previously instructed. If they wish to paddle with a different club neither the individual or club will need to re-register or transfer details. They will need to transfer if they wish to race with that club


To find a Club offering Dragon Pass, search using the Club Finder facility here - https://www.ausdbf.com.au/home/


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