ANROAS - AusDBF National Race Official Accreditation Scheme

Welcome to the ANROAS - AusDBF National Race Officials Accreditation Scheme page 

Here you will find updated information relating to AusDBF accredited national race officials courses.

All National Race Officials as of 01 July 2020 will be required to re-accredit annually via an online portal 

Level 1 Race Officials - click on this link -

Level 2 Race Officials - click on this link -

Level 3 Race Officials - click on this link -


Part of accreditation Race Officials are required to complete the  following Play by the Rules learning modules:

Level 1 - Introduction to Integrity in Sport and Walking the Talk 

Level 2 - Ethics and ethical decision making in Sport 

Level 3 - Harassment and Discrimination and Complaint Handling 

In addition to Sport Integrity Australia online modules -

  • National Integrity Framework 
  • Competition Manipulation and Sports Betting 
  • Child Safe Guarding in Sport Introduction


As of 01 January 2022, AusDBF will be waiving the $15.00 annual re-accreditation fee. AusDBF will be providing a race official shirt (one only) to each race official after they have successfully completed the online assessment and met criteria.


Refer to below for ANROAS - Mentors (ROMP's) per State Association 

DBQ Janine Lette (AusDBF Level 3/IDBF Level 4) 
DBNSW - (Northern Region) Geoff Roberts (AusDBF Level 3)
DBNSW Maureen O'Neill (AusDBF Level 3/IDBF Level 1), Melanie Cantwell  (AusDBF Level 3/IDBF Level 4) 
DBACT Gillian Styles - Chair (AusDBF Level 3/IDBF Level 1)
DBACT Sue Pidgeon (AusDBF Level 3)
DBV Philippa McLean (AusDBF Level 3) 
DBTAS Melanie Cantwell (AusDBF Level 3/IDBF Level 4) 
DBSA Chris Wood (AusDBF Level 3/IDBF Level 1), John Holland (AusDBF Level 3/IDBF Level 1), Pat Doogue (AusDBF Level 3)
DBWA Maureen Cowdell (AusDBF Level 2)


NOTE:  Race Officials who wish to apply to upgrade to the next level, contact your State ROMP representative to discuss options


If you require more specific information please email