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Dragon Boat Ambassadors (supporting Invictus Australia)

Invictus Australia stands as a beacon of hope and resilience for veterans and their families. Even when the echoes of the Invictus Games fade, Invictus Australia remains committed to their holistic well-being, harnessing the power of sport as a medium of healing.

Owned and operated by the Australian International Military Games, the non-profit entity responsible for organising Invictus Games Sydney 2018, Invictus Australia continues to uphold the legacy of the Games. By focusing on the therapeutic benefits of sports, especially for ‘at risk’ veterans, Invictus Australia plays an indispensable role in veterans' lives. 

The  Dragon Boat Ambassador's  (supporting Invictus Australia) role is to champion the cause of veterans and their families within our sporting community, ensuring their needs and stories are continually addressed.

AusDBF is thrilled to announce the below 3 amazing individuals as  it's inaugural Dragon Boat Ambassadors (supporting Invictus Australia)

Chris Mills AM CSC (ACT)


"Being a Dragon Boat Ambassador (supporting Invictus Australia)  holds profound personal significance to me as it represents my owm personal journey of recovery. It also signifies my commitment to sharing how dragon boat and its supportive community helped transform my life. And hopefully together, we can inspire others to find hope, strength and purpose through this empowering sport".

Tracey Gardiner (SA)

Leading Seaman - Stores Naval

"My life journey has equipped me with a unique perspective and unwavering determination to inspire others to overcome their challenges. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute further and demonstrate my commitment to Invictus Australia and its mission".

Matthew French (VIC)

Warrant Officer - Class 2 

"Becoming an Dragon Boat Ambassador (supporting Invictus Australia) would enable me to merge my passions for supporting veterans and promoting the sport of dragon boat. With a rich history of miliary service, resilience and leadership, I am devoted to representing Invictus Australia and embodying its ethos of triumph over adversity. My dedication to both causes drives me to strive for excellence, embodying the spirit of Invictus in all that I do".


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