National Team News

5 July 2024

AusDBF is excited to introduce the Paradragon Class to its National Team for the first time in 2025. Our team will compete at the 17th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships in Germany and we are reaching out to our community to engage and collaborate on this journey together.

To better understand the Paradragon community, we have prepared a short summary of the Paradragon Guidelines for qualification on our website and a link to the Paradragon Lexicon produced by IDBF. Please read these documents and complete the survey to help us increase awareness of our Paradragon community. This survey will be open until 26 July 2024.

Should you have any questions on Auroras Paradragon, please contact Tanya (Head Coach) or Lindy (Paradragons Coach).

30 May 2024

Exciting News!

🚀 The National Team Information Portal is officially live!

Dive into the heart of the 2024-25 campaign with all the essential details, including the strategic roadmap and timeline to Germany unveiled at the 2024 AusChamps.

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