AusDBF Policies, Guidelines and Resources


Document Name Document Number Version  Approved  Date Reviewed
AusDBF Constitution      June 2016  20/11/2022
AusDBF Board Role Summary - 07July2020 v2     July 2020  
AusDBF Roles & Responsibility Matrix - AusDBF>State>Club     Dec 2019  
Club Membership Policy  PN-0027 v2 Nov 2020 24/10/2022
Life Membership Policy  PN-0024 v2  Nov 2019  14/11/2022
AusDBF Committees Policy & Procedures PN-0028 v1 Sep 2020 updated 19/09/2022
2023 AusDBF Director Nomination form   v3   September 2022
AusDBF Submission Paper    v3   August 2020
National Code of Conduct    v4   19/04/2023


National Integrity Framework

Document Name Document Number Version  Adopted Revised 
Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy  (PN-0044) v2 31/08/2022 11/09/2023
Competition Manipulation and Sports Gambling Policy  (PN-0026) v3 31/08/2022 11/09/2023
Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy  (PN-0043) v3 31/08/2022 19/12/2023
Improper Use of Drugs & Medicine Policy (PN-0045) v2 31/08/2022 11/09/2023
Member Protection Policy (PN-0042) v3 31/08/2022 11/09/2023


Diversity & Inclusion Polices & Resources

Document Name Document Number Version  Adopted Date Reviewed
National Inclusion Framework    v1 18/10/2022  
LGBTQ Participant Guide  GL-0046 v1 14/11/2022  
LGBTQ Inclusion Administrators Guide GL-0048 V1 14/11/2022  
LGBTQ Peers and Allies Guide  GL-0047 v1 14/11/2022  
Sport Inclusion Plan  GL-0049 v1 13/12/2022  


Policy name Policy Number Version Date Approved Date Reviewed
Adverse Weather Conditions Guidelines (includes Hot & cold weather, air quality, storms & lightning) (PN-0021) v1 Approved April 2021  
AusDBF Board Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Policy & Procedures (PN-0020) v1 Approved Feb 2020  
Conflict of Interest Policy & Procedures (PN-0019) v2 Approved Feb 2020 23/09/2021
Concussion Policy  (PN-0029)  v2 Approved Nov 2020 23/09/2021
Copyright Policy (PN-0001) v1 Approved July 2019 11/07/2022
Critical Incident Policy  (PN-0050) v1 approved July 2023  
Cyber Security Policy & FAQ (PN-0030) v2 Approved April 2021 July 2021
Delegation of Authority Policy (PN-0007 v2 Approved Nov 2019 14/11/2022
Document Storage Policy and Guidelines (PN-0016) v2 Approved Nov 2020 02/06/2023
Disability Policy  (PN-0035) v2 Approved Jan 2022 10/10/2023
Email Retention Policy and Guidelines (PN-0018) v2 Approved Nov 2020 02/06/2023
Financial Transaction Cards Policy (PN-0006) v1 Approved Sep 2019 19/09/2022
Gender Inclusion Policy  (PN-0037) v3 Approved Jan 2022 19/12/2023
Paddling Health & Safety Policy (PN-0033) v2 Approved April 2021 19/10/2021
Infectious Diseases Procedure & Guidelines  (PN-0031) v1.2 Approved May 2021  
Media Relations Policy  (PN-0015) v1 Approved Feb 2020  
Membership Policy and Procdures (PN-0017) 2 Approved Nov 2019 02/06/2023
Personal Grievances Policy  (PN-0040) v2 21/06/2022 11/09/2023
Privacy Policy  (PN-0008) v3   13/03/2023
Purchasing Policy  (PN-0005) v3.1   11/07/2022
Revenue Generation Fundraising Policy (PN-0014) v4 Approved Nov 2019  24/10/2022

Risk Management Policy 

Risk Management Procedure






approved August 2020

July 2020


Risk Appetite Statement 

Risk Appetite Statement Summary 

Risk Statement Detailed 

(PN-0034) v1 Approved Sep 2021  
Selections Appeal Policy  (PN-0023) v1 Approved Feb 2021  
Social Media Policy  (PN-0013) v3.1   13/03/2023
Sun Protection Guidelines  (PN-0032) v1 Approved April 2021  
Travel Policy & Guidelines (PN-0004) v4 Approved July 2019 10/01/2024


AusDBF Safety Documents

Policy name Document Number Version Approved Revised
AusDBF3 Risk Register  Date reviewed 26 December 2021     10/09/2022
Injury / Incident report form        01/07/2021
Risk Assessment Summary: Child Safe Environments >        
AusDBF Safety Handbook - Edition 3.4   3.4 21/09/2021 19/03/2024
ERMS Safety (PFD)  Recommendations    1 29/01/2022  
Safety Drill Dragon Boat Tip Over >        

Note: The AusDBF capsize video footage is being reviewed,  in addition to this footage refer to AusDBF Sweep Guidelines, State based safety requirements and local environment specifics.


General Documents

Policy name Document Number Version Approved Revised
AusDBF Strategic Plan 2023-2027   v2 approved 11/09/2023 Feb 2024
AusDBF Operation Plan 2023-2024   v1 Approved 10/07/2023  
AusDBF Communication Plan    v2 Approved Aug 2020 16/08/2022
AusDBF National Branding Guidelines   v4.1 Approved June 2020 16/11/2022
National Uniform Guidelines including branding   v4   11/02/2024
National Athlete Pathway        11/02/2024
COVID Safety Plan  (PN-0025) v1    
Drummer Master Class (DN-0011) v2 Approved Sep 2019 22/11/2022
Protocols & Procedures for Handling Dignitaries         
Sharing Facebook and Instagram posts        


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