2024 AusChamps - Champion Lakes, Armadale, WA

Dates:  Tuesday 16 (training day), Wednesday 17 to Sunday 21 (competition days) April 2024

Day 1 -  Seniors - 200m + 2000m (Open/Women) - Wednesday 17 April

Day 2 - Seniors - 500m + 2000m (Mixed)  - Thursday 18 April

Day 3 - State v State Day - 500m + 1000m turn race - Friday 19 April

Day 4 -  Premiers, Juniors, BCP+ACP - 500m  + 2000m (Mixed) - Saturday 20 April

Day 5 - Premiers, Juniors, BCP+ACP - 200m + 2000m (Open/Women) - Sunday 21 April



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NOTE: Shoes with enclosed toes must be worn at the AusChamps in the marshalling and boat loading areas, and particularly in the water.  This is what has been determined as appropriate footwear for safety reasons at this particular event location.  To confirm, 'enclosed toes' includes footwear that covers the toes but has openings to let water drain out, such as plastic shoes with small drainage holes in the sides and tops of the toes.  Thongs ('jandals' for Kiwis), and sandals, for example, are not permitted.  Boat loading will be from the beach, so there may be opportunity to place shoes in basket immediately before getting in the boat.  Shoes must be worn for beach loading, and at any time feet are in the water